ATE BANK ROMANIA S.A.                                           






The Board of Directors of



the Extraordinary General Assembly of

the Bank’s Shareholders



In compliance with the provisions of Law no. 31/1990 regarding the trading companies -  republished, with the subsequent alterations and completions and Art. 13 of the Constitutive Act, the Board of Directors of ATE Bank Romania SA convene the Annual General Assembly of the Shareholders on 23.04.2010, 12.00 o’clock, at the Bucharest headquarters, 24 Calea Grivitei, sector 1.

In case of lack of quorum, the General Annual Assembly of the Shareholders will take place on 24.04.2010, at the same hour, address and agenda.




            1. Approving changes to the Incorporation Act, as follows:


            Article 16 (4) shall be amended and shall read as follows:

            “The Board of  Directors shall degate the bank’s management to the Management Committee consisting of at least four persons: a executive chairman, a general manager and two deputy general managers.

            Depending on the variety of activities carried out by the bank the Board of Directors may increase the number of deputy general managers”.


2. The alienation through selling the real estate (buildings and lands) bank’s property, situated in: Baia Mare – 31 Gh.Sincai Str., Brasov – block C25 Centrul Civic, Braila – B4 Independentei Str., Constanta – Complex Dacia Alex.Lapusneanu Str., Craiova – block T2 Romul Str., Cluj Napoca – 6 Eminescu Str., Galati – block A3 Traian Str., Iasi 4 Copou str., Oradea 4 Avram Iancu Str., Pitesti – block 5A Maior Sontu Str., Targu Jiu – 18-20 UniriiSiret Str. and simultaneously, the concluding of a financial leasing contract (lease-back) for the same real estate.

3. The empowerment of Mr. Sergiu Ioan Manea, General Director and Mr. Epaminondas Papanikolaou, Deputy General Director to sign for Bank and in its name everywhere it will be necessary in order to carry out the agenda.




                                                                        X                     X


The shareholders’ representation in the General Annual Assembly of the Shareholders will be conferred to other persons, exempting the administrators that need special power of attorney.


The individual shareholders will be represented by other shareholders based on special power of attorney or by other persons based on authentic powers of attorney.







The corporate shareholders may participate in the meeting through their legal representatives or other persons, either shareholders by special powers of attorney, or other persons than the shareholders, by authentic powers of attorney.


The forms of special powers of attorney can be obtained from the headquarters of the bank, branches, agencies and from the bank’s site, starting with 23th of March 2010.


After filling in and signing, the powers of attorney will be submitted, delivered to the bank’s headquarters at least 48 hours before the meeting date, under sanction of loss of voting rights in the Shareholder Meeting. For identification, the individual shareholders and the representatives of the legal entities will show the Identity Act.


The materials related to all items on this Agenda can be consulted at the headquarters of the bank, branches and agencies, from Monday to Friday, between 10.00-14.00 and on the site of the bank






General Manager

Sergiu Ioan Manea