EFinance magazine awards the prize:

The most dynamically new-comer on the online banking services market addressed to corporate customers in 2009

What is the Web Banking service?

The Web Banking service provided by ATE Bank Romania's offers non-stop access to the bank. Simply ....

What are the advantages of the Web Banking service offered by ATE Bank Romania

Comfort and safety on transactions processing

Permanent contact with the bank and more free time

Low costs of transactions processing

IT system connection with own IT applications through the import and export of files - for corporate customers

The possibility of performing urgent payments *

* Urgent payments are made by using the "urgency" option of the WebBanking page. By selecting "urgent", a payment to another bank performed by application of WebBanking will be honored in the same business day. Please note that the payment order has to be made before 12:00 of that day. More details on the processing schedule of payments made through WebBanking service are found here.

How to acquire the WebBanking service

Visit the branch, open a current account, sign the WebBanking contract, you are assigned the Digipass and it’s ready. Simply…

What do I need in order to access the Web Banking service

- a current account opened with ATE Bank Romania

- digipass (at the account opening is obtained on request)

- Internet access

Technical details

- Web browser compatible: "HTML 4.01 Transitional" to bear "Java Script and SSL 3.0 or TLSv1".

- Compatible browsers: Internet Explorer 6.x / 7.0, Firefox 1.x / 2.0, Mozilla 1.7, Netscape 7.x, Opera 7.x / 8.0.

What are the costs of the service

- At the signing of the contract a guarantee of 25 EUR (or RON equivalent) is to be paid which represents the counter value of the digipass's provided. If you choose to cancel the contract, this guarantee will be returned

- No monthly fee is charged for digipass usage

- Commissions applied to WebBanking operations are 20% lower than the ones applied to similar operations performed directly to bank

Types of operations that can be performed via WebBanking service

Payment from the accounts opened with the ATE Bank Romania:

- Intra-bank payments

- Interbank payments

You can make payments whenever you need, but you also can set scheduled payments, automatically to be made, on a certain date.

For any kind of account you open with us, you can always check your account details:

- Transactions and operations on your accounts

- Account statements generation

Foreign exchange operations

You can perform foreign exchange spot transactions at standard rates valid for internet banking as follows :

- In banking working days between 09.00 – 15.00 the foreign exchange rates are identical with the ones displayed at the branches/agencies counters of the bank for account operations;

- Outside the range mentioned above, at foreign exchange rates with “extra spread” (smaller buying rates and higher selling rates, from the bank’s point of view, both compared with the ones displayed at the counters of branches).

You can set the automatic execution of scheduled foreign exchange transactions for a specific date (the transaction being executed at the first valid exchange rate from the value date requested, respectively with extra spread).

Support for installation and usage of the WebBanking service

To activate the service you will be provided a comprehensive manual with detailed instructions on each individual operation and how you can achieve it through the WebBanking service.

In addition, you will benefit by non-stop support of our colleagues from Help Desk that you can contact to the following coordinates:

Phone: + 4021 2006 111 dialed from any fixed or mobile network, national or international, at normal charges

0801 028 322 only in the Romtelecom network, at local charges

Fax: + 4021 2006 156